Plectica for Students

See how you can use Plectica to clarify your thinking, communicate complex ideas, and collaborate with your peers.

  • Cause and Effect in Complex Systems - Plectica Map

    Improve your memory

    Take notes that organize information the way your brain does. This example map is a study guide of the neuroscience of the serial position effect — the phenomenon whereby we recall the first and last items in a series best.

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  • Explicate system behavior - Plectica Map

    Turn complexity into understanding

    Create an understanding of how complex systems work -- from humans to the environment to engineering. Or design that behavior yourself. This map is a state diagram of how a reaction time stop watch works.

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  • Explore different angles - Plectica Map

    Build a sound argument

    See one way to structure an argument in this example around quantifying future benefits of public health projects.

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  • Brainstorm as a team - Plectica Map

    Break down your work

    When you need to tackle a big project, break it down into parts and steps. See how this example lays out milestones along the journey of writing a dissertation.

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