Plectica for Technologists

Diagram technical infrastructure, processes, strategy, brainstorming, etc — together, collaboratively in real-time.

  • Infrastructure Diagram - Plectica Map

    Infrastructure Diagrams

    Keep everyone on the same page about how big systems with complicated moving parts all work together.

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  • Backlog and Sprint Planning - Plectica Map

    Backlog and Sprint Planning

    Use our story mapping template to visualize and connect user activities during your product design process. Align your team around key user goals to prioritize the features that provide the most value.

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  • Database Schema Design - Plectica Map

    Database Schema Design

    Make diagrams of your relational database schema, at the planning phase or as after the fact documentation

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  • Data Flow - Plectica Map

    Data Flow

    Map how your data flows through the system, through the pipes to data stores, and back out the other side…

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  • Sequence Diagrams - Plectica Map

    Sequence Diagrams

    Map out how dependencies and request flows work together to implement user interactions

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